I’m a phone sex girl and I work for the chicks with sass

It wasn’t always like that.  There was a time in my life when I too did the 9 to 5 work drudge, counting the hours as they flew, as fast as I was spending any money I earned, tending on the mundane tasks that involved paying rent, bills, paying for food and see very little left for anything else.

But I did that because coming out of college, this is what you were supposed to do, wasn’t it? Go to work. Start at 9. Work through the day and back home you went, 8 hours later, exhausted and yet expected to get going with your second job, that of taking care of your family, preparing dinner, helping the kids with homework, feeding a husband, being a wife etc…

What I was absolutely not supposed to do was to work for http://chickswithsass.com and yet, when the opportunity came to drop off the meat market and work for myself, I took it with both hands and this is exactly what I did: become a phone sex girl.


The phone sex industry is one where the imagination trumps the physical, where fantasies become more real than the real thing and it was not a surprise to me to see how much I liked working the the phone lines for chickswithsass.com/two-phone-sex-numbers. To be honest with you, I took this type of job, not because I though I’d earn a lot of money but because of the flexibility of working from home, determining my own hours and, having fun doing it.  You might think that the word cheap in chickswithsass.com/cheap-phone-sex-compare means that the prospects or earning any decent amount of money would be minimal, and you’d be wrong. I earn as much as my next door neighbor who is a school teacher and trust me, she works a whole lot more than I do.